Doritos Roulette: Hot or Not? 3 Act Math Task Resources

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Don’t Get Burned By Doritos Roulette Spicy Hot Chips!

Today, I was finally able to record some footage involving the mysterious Doritos Roulette chips when I was working with some colleagues from Tecumseh Vista Academy. If you haven’t heard of the new Doritos flavour, here is the commercial:

Special thanks to: Joey Demarse, Dan Frezell, Diane Gardin, Craig Guthrie, Jeff Hillman, Dee Kruc, and Justin Levack for volunteering to eat a bag of chips with me while I recorded the footage.

Act 1: The Teaser

Show your students this video:

What questions come to mind?

Act 2: Give Some Details

Doritos Roulette - Front Of Bag - Weight of Bag

Doritos Roulette - Hot or Not? 3 Act Math Task - Nutrition Facts

Some questions students might have:

  • How many doritos in a bag?
  • Is the ratio of “hot to not” chips really 1:6 or 1 out of 7?
  • How many hot chips should you expect in a bag?

Act 3: The Answer

Student Exemplars

Some student exemplars from my first go with this task:

Other Teacher Resources and Student Exemplars:

Let me know in the comments what you did with this task and how it turned out!

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