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3 act math tasks

Have you ever been drawn in by an amazing book, TV show or movie?

Why don’t we consider using the same elements amazing authors, storytellers and filmmakers use in our math lessons to make math moments that matter for our students?

With 3 Act Math Tasks, we can!

Real World Math Tasks

Fresh 3 Act Math Tasks



VIDEO 1: How powerful math moments can change your class!

VIDEO 2: How avoiding rushing to the algorithm can build resilient problem solvers.

VIDEO 3: What red Dodge Chargers have in common with conceptual understanding in math class.

VIDEO 4: Helping teachers empower students to become resilient problem solvers.

Interactive Tools and Content

Math Apps

Take a look at some of the many interactive math apps available for use on desktops, laptops, iPads and Android devices.

Download The Ultimate List Of Math Books!


Take the Ultimate List Of Math Books For Educators to go by downloading the guide that you can save and print to share with colleagues during your next staff meeting, professional learning community meeting or just for your own reference!

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MFM1p Grade 9 applied


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math is visual

I’ve been obsessing over creating math visuals to assist in building a better conceptual understanding of mathematics. After years of creating images, videos and resources to help this cause, I’ve created a home to share these visuals to assist teachers, parents and students understand that Math Is Visual and we should make every effort to teach it that way.

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Wondering how to create a classroom culture where students don’t want to stop exploring mathematics when the bell rings? Join Me and Jon Orr from as we team up to uncover how we can Make Math Moments That Matter for every student from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

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progressions of mathematics

After teaching for over a decade in a high school math classroom, I now realize that in order for me to reach every student, I must better understand math concepts along a developmental continuum.

Come learn with me!

math videos and animations

visualizing mathematics

One of my passions is creating visuals to help students build a conceptual understanding of mathematics.

This process helps me understand math content more deeply so I can be a better teacher.

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Ontario Math Course Resources

Course resources

MFM1p Grade 9 applied


mpm1d grade 9 academic

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mpm2d grade 10 academic

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mel3e grade 11 workplace

Creative Writing

mbf3c grade 11 college preparation

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mdm4u grade 12 data management

Slide Decks, Printables & More

Workshop & Presentation Resources

As a K-12 Teacher and Math Consultant, I deliver workshops, presentations and keynotes on a regular basis.

This is where you can find slide decks, handouts and other downloadable resources for use in your classroom.

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The Ultimate List Of Math Books For Educators

As an avid audiobook listener and occasional page-flipper, I’ve done my fair share of reading related to mathematics content knowledge, pedagogy, leadership, and much more.

Dive into 60+ titles in my Ultimate List of Math Books For Educators and download the hyperlinked & printable guide!

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