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Kyle Pearce Professional Headshot | Math Educator Teacher Presenter Facilitator SpeakerKyle Pearce began teaching with the Greater Essex County District School Board in Southwestern Ontario back in 2006. After only a few short weeks teaching his grade 11 college (MBF3C) and workplace (MEL3E) courses, he knew that writing a note on the chalkboard and using a traditional lesson delivery was not going to engage his students. Seeking out a data projector and using PowerPoint followed by a transition to using a SMARTBoard with SMART Notebook software, Kyle began delivering professional development with a focus on integrating technology in the mathematics classroom.

In 2010, Kyle wrote a proposal for an Ontario Ministry of Education classroom grant opportunity called the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP). The Tap Into Teen Minds With iPad project proposal was accepted and funded the following year to create a paperless learning environment by introducing a class set of iPads into his mathematics classroom. The purpose of the project as to determine whether using an iPad would do the following:

  • increase engagement and student perception of learning mathematics;
  • improve student achievement in mathematics; and
  • cost less than his current digital interactive whiteboard mathematics classroom.

The Tap Into Teen Minds With iPad mathematics classroom was one of the first math classrooms leveraging mobile technology in a completely digital format and has attracted visitors from across the district, province, and continent. After one semester of implementing iPads in math classes, increases in student engagement, perception, and overall student success in mathematics were observed. It was also found that creating a paperless digital environment using iPads could be more cost-effective than purchasing many of the tools that are found in many interactive whiteboard classrooms.

Currently the K-12 Mathematics Consultant with the Greater Essex County District School Board, Kyle enjoys uncovering creative ways to spark curiosity through the inquiry process using tasks that are contextual, visual and concrete. He has experience as a secondary mathematics Department Head at Tecumseh Vista Academy K-12 where he focused primarily on teaching grade 9 applied mathematics. Kyle also spent five years working with grade 7-10 mathematics teachers in his role as the GECDSB Middle Years Collaborative Inquiry (MYCI) Instructional Coach. His work with iPads and innovative uses of technology in math class has led to a number of designations and certifications including: Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), Apple Education Trainer (APD), and Google Certified Teacher (GCT). He also served as a member on the Apple Distinguished Educator Canadian Advisory Board from 2013-2014.

Much of his current work is dedicated to transforming mathematics education by making math tasks contextual, visual, and concrete while using a spiralled approach to addressing curriculum content through a 4-part math lesson framework. He is passionate about creating Dan Meyer-style 3 Act Math Tasks to engage students through curiosity, exploring new ways to harness student creativity, gamifying the assessment process, and publishing student work to a global audience to promote student ownership of their learning.

Kyle is a leader in teacher professional development as a presenter, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator in the area of effective teaching practices in mathematics and transformative uses of technology across North America.

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Apple Distinguished Educator, ADE Class of 2013

Kyle was selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator in the ADE Class of 2013 for his research and dedication to creating his iPad Paperless Math Classroom. Sharing his experiences and knowledge with other educators in his school, board and across the web has demonstrated that he will be a welcomed addition to the Apple ADE Program.

This past summer, Kyle presented at the 2014 ADE Global Institute on Redefining Mathematics Education. Check it out below:

See the full post here.

Google Certified Teacher (GCT), #GTAATX 2014

Kyle is a Google Certified Teacher (GCT) after he was accepted to attend the Google Teacher Academy (GTA) in Austin, Texas for his use of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) including Google Classroom in his classroom. See his application video below:

See the full post here.

Visualizing Mathematics

Kyle has been devoting much of his time to creating resources that help students visualize mathematics to develop a deeper understanding and improve retention. See one of the many visualizations below:

See the full post here.

3 Act Math Tasks

Kyle has been creating 3 Act Math Tasks in the style of Dan Meyer since 2013 and continues to create tasks on a regular basis to share with the global mathematics education community. Here is an example of a recent task created called Doritos Roulette: Hot or Not?

See the full post here or jump to see all of Kyle’s 3 Act Math Tasks.

Apple Education Trainer for Apple Professional Development (APD)

Kyle is an Apple Education Trainer for the Apple Professional Development (APD) program in order to offer onsite, hands-on workshops tailored to the specific needs of schools and districts across Ontario, Canada and worldwide. APD workshops are designed to help educators effectively use Apple products to transform teaching and learning in your classroom. Contact Kyle if you’re interested in learning ways to maximize the use of the Apple products currently in your school.

Interested in Educational Technology?

If you or your board are interested in iPad Educational Technology and other great technologies available for use in the classroom, please feel free to contact me!

Technology Consulting and Training

I am available for school and district consultation as well as large- and small-group workshops. Learn more about what I can offer your schooll or district here:

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