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Tile Circle

Tile Circle 3 Act Math Task is a real world math problem that helps students to discover Pi through the relationship between the circumference of a circle and diameter. We also discover the area of a circle through inquiry and using concrete material and visuals.

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Make Math Matter With Concreteness Fading

For years, I was spinning my wheels trying to teach students how to make sense of mathematics through abstract representations, when the key was making math concrete and visual through the concreteness fading model or concrete, representational, abstract (CRA).

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Counting With Your Eyes: Subitizing

Have you ever looked at a group of items and just knew how many there were without actually counting? This ability to “see” how many items are in a group without counting is called subitizing. Read to learn more.

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Lower the Floor in Math Class

Struggling to find a way to make math more accessible for all students in your classroom? In this post, we’ll give examples why using concrete manipulatives and visual representations is a great place to start!

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Knowledgehook Math PLC Planning Tool

Are you a school administrator or math leader looking for tools to support planning your professional learning in mathematics with your colleagues? Check out Knowledgehook’s new PLC Planning Tool!

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Gummy Worms

This “sweet” 3 act math task asks you to first guess how many gummy worms are in a jar Estimation 180-style, then use a part-part-whole model to solve!

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Year In Review: 2017

Year in Review 2017: Looking Back and Planning Forward. This past year has been exciting with over 675,000 pageviews! Let’s look at the top content accessed

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Cover It Up!

Dive into a fractions task where we spark student curiosity asking them to predict how many pieces of different shapes it will take to Cover It Up!

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Why I Ask Students to Notice and Wonder

Recently, Jon Orr and I received some descriptive feedback from James Francis from Knowledgehook after watching us co-present a workshop titled “Making Math Moments That Matter” at the GECDSB Math Symposium. After sharing some of the pieces he really enjoyed, he also...

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