MEL3E Grade 11 Mathematics for Work & Everyday Life

MEL3E Grade 11 Math Course Description

MEL3E Grade 11 Workplace Math ResourcesThis MEL3E grade 11 math course enables students to broaden their understanding of mathematics as it is applied in the workplace and daily life. Students will solve problems associated with earning money, paying taxes, and making purchases; apply calculations of simple and compound interest in saving, investing, and borrowing; and calculate the costs of transportation and travel in a variety of situations. Students will consolidate their mathematical skills as they solve problems and communicate their thinking.

Prerequisite: Principles of Mathematics, Grade 9, Academic, or Foundations of Mathematics, Grade 9, Applied, or a ministry-approved locally developed Grade 10 mathematics course.

Material provided below was created by Kyle Pearce and Chris Tavolieri. If you make improvements to the material, please share back so we can post a link.

MEL3E Grade 11 Math Course Notes and Handouts

MEL3E – Unit 1 – Working and Earning

Sec. 1.1 – Salary

Sec. 1.2 – Piecework

Sec. 1.3 – Hourly Rate and Overtime Rate

Sec. 1.4 – Commission

MEL3E – Unit 2 – Deductions and Expenses

Sec. 2.1 – Standard Deductions – Note
Sec. 2.1 – Standard Deductions – Handout
Sec. 2.2 – Other Deductions
Sec. 2.3 – Living Expenses
Sec. 2.4 – Paying Monthly Bills
Sec. 2.5 – Purchasing Power

MEL3E – Unit 3 – Paying Taxes

Sec. 3.1 – Information for Filing Income Taxes

Sec. 3.2 – Sales Tax – Note

Sec. 3.2 – Sales Tax – Worksheet

Sec. 3.3 – Other Forms of Tax

MEL3E – Unit 4 – Making Purchases

Sec. 4.1 – Making Change

Sec. 4.2 – Getting Back Fewer Coins

Sec. 4.3 – Taxes and Total Cost

Sec. 4.4 – Discounts and Sale Prices

Sec. 4.5 – Sale Prices, Taxes, and Total Cost

MEL3E – Unit 5 – Buying Options

Sec. 5.1 – The Best Buy

Sec. 5.2 – Incentives to Buy

Sec. 5.3 – Cross Border Shopping

Sec. 5.4 – Decision to Buy -Layaway

Sec. 5.5 – Instalment Plans Without Interest

Sec. 5.6 – Pay Later With Penalty

MEL3E – Unit 6 – Banking Transactions & Saving Money

Sec. 6.1 – Banking Transactions

Sec. 6.2 – Types of Savings

Sec. 6.3 – Simple Interest – Note

Sec. 6.3 – Simple Interest – Worksheet

Sec. 6.4 – Simple and Compound Interest

Sec. 6.5 – Compound Interest – Note

Sec. 6.5 – Compound Interest – Worksheet

MEL3E – Unit 7 – Types of Investing

Sec. 7.1 – Types of Investments

Sec. 7.2 – Registered Retirement Savings Plans

Sec. 7.3 – Risk Tolerance

Sec. 7.4 – Risk Tolerance – Type of Investor

Sec. 7.5 – Application of Types of Investing

MEL3E – Unit 8 – Taking a Trip

Sec. 8.1 – Taking a Trip Introduction – Gas Consumption

Sec. 8.1 – Taking a Trip Introduction – Gas Consumption Information

Sec. 8.1 – Taking a Trip Introduction – Time Calculations

Sec. 8.2 – Planning a Trip by Automobile

Sec. 8.3 – Planning a Trip – Train vs. Car

MEL3E – Unit 9 – Personal Finance

Sec. 9.2 – Delaying Payment on Credit Cards

Sec. 9.3 – Short-Term Borrowing

Sec. 9.4 – Repaying Loans

MEL3E – Unit 10 – Buying a Car

Sec. 10.3 – Depreciation of Cars

Sec. 10.4 – Irresponsible Driving – Worksheet

Sec. 10.4 – Irresponsible Driving – Facts

Sec. 10.5 – Car Versus Public Transportation

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  • Although I would LOVE to have ipads, unfortunately I am stuck with super slow and faulty netbooks (laptops) and a SMART board. However, I LOVE your lessons and have been using them regularly as a foundation for my class(minus the odd tweak to suit my teaching style and students).
    Thank you for sharing all of your hard work.
    Kelly O’Grady (Pearce = married name)
    Grand Erie District School Board

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      Glad to know that the resources are being used and appreciate the kind words. I haven’t had a grade 11 workplace class in a few years, so there are updates definitely needed. Hopefully Ill teach another section soon to spend some time improving them.

      Have a great semester and reach out anytime!

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  • Anna Beamer

    Hello Kyle, I am teaching MEL3E for the first time this coming term and was hoping to use some of your resources in my class. Would you be ok with this? Thanks.

    • Hi Anna! Go right ahead! That’s why they’re up here. If you do any tweaking and want to share back, that’d be great – I could add it to the resource page. Good luck!

  • Rubiga Thanganathan

    Isi it possible to have the password in order to access the textbook?

    • Unfortunately, I can’t share the password due to copyright law 🙁

  • Michael Levesque

    Hi Kyle, I really like the look of your resources and was wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of the original smartboard files? At the moment I’m using your pdf’s as the source and more or less recreating the files.
    Thank You

    • Hi Michael. It has been a while since I taught this course so I’ll need to do some digging to see what I can dig up. Keep me honest by dropping me a line via the contact page!

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