Counting Candies

How many candies should each person get?

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Justin Levack
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Multiplying and Dividing Fractions, Solving for an Unknown, Number Sense and Numeration.

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Counting Candies 3 Act Math Task Resources

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Working With Fractions To Find Unknown Values

Counting Candies - Working With Fractions to Find Unknowns

In this task, students see a bunch of candies poured on the table. How many candies should each of four people receive if you know how many there are in two thirds of the whole?

Act 1: Introduce the Problem

What’s the question?

In this case, we’re looking at:

How many candies should you receive if they are divided evenly amongst 4 people?

Act 2: Giving More Information

Students now know how many candies there are in 2/3 of the total. How many should each person get if the total is split amongst 4 people evenly?

Counting Candy 3 Act Math - Act 2 - 3 Groups Divided Evenly

Desmos Activity Builder Activity

I recently created a Desmos Activity Builder Activity that you can use with this task. Try it out and/or use it in your class by clicking below:

Desmos Activity

Act 3: The Answer

Counting Candies - Total Number of Candies small

Counting Candies - Number for Each Person small

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