Hot Dog Duel

How Many Hot Dogs Did They Eat?

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Robert Kaplinsky

Math Topic:
Linear patterning, linear relations and linear equations.

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Hot Dog Duel 3 Act Math Task Summary

Using Patterns and Linear Relations to Solve Problems

How Many Hot Dogs Did They Eat - 3 Act Math Task

In this great 3 Act Math Task shared by Robert Kaplinsky, two well-known competitive hot dog eaters Takeru Kobayashi and Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas star in a Mastercard Paypass commercial demonstrating how quickly you can make purchases when they repeatedly buy and eat hot dogs to outdo each other:

Students will need to pay attention to the video and then attempt to identify a pattern to determine how many hot dogs they ate. Robert also offers extension questions as well as student work samples to really make this 3 act math task involving linear patterning and equations easy to implement in your classroom!

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