Crazy Taxi

How much will it cost to travel 30 km?

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Jon Orr

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Initial Value, Rate of Change, Linear Relations, Partial Variation

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Crazy Taxi 3 Act Math Task Resources

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If you’re an educator on Twitter or other social media, you probably hear a lot about gamification. Well, when you don’t have a reasonable option to “gamify” your math class, you can always turn to finding the perplexing math in a game. This is where Crazy Taxi by Jon Orr comes in.

Act 1: Introducing the Task

This 3 Act Math Task begins with a scene from a “Grand Theft Auto-esque” video game where a man jumps into a taxi and begins what looks to be a joy-ride. The cost of the taxi ride and the distance travelled are displayed; yes, the foreshadowing is probably killing you.

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After travelling a few kilometres, the game fast forwards and asks the viewer to determine:

How much would it cost to travel 30 km?

Some key information include the initial value of $5 on the meter before the taxi begins moving and a rate of change of $0.50 per kilometre travelled.

Check out the portable document format (PDF) file below to grab a quick resource that asks the same question as well as an extension requiring the student to determine:

How far you could travel if you had a $50 bill in your pocket?

Grab resources here:

Crazy Taxi 3 Act Math Task Resource Template

Version 2:

Crazy Taxi 3 Act Math Task Template Compiled by Kyle Pearce

Jon also shared out this Google Drive folder that has the video showing how much it should cost.

Here’s a Knowledgehook Custom Gameshow I created to go with the Flaps! task and Crazy Taxi. Note the first half of the questions relate to Flaps!

Can’t see the custom gameshow above? Click here.

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