Baby Beats

Does the baby have a healthy heart?

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Shared By: Kyle Pearce

Math Topic:
Ratios, Rates, and Proportional Reasoning.

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Baby Beats 3 Act Math Task Resources

Real World Math in Proportional Reasoning

The following 3 act math task involves proportional reasoning and rates of change.

Baby Beats - 3 Act Math Task - Rates of Change

Act 1 – Setting the Stage

Watch the following video with audio of the heartbeat of my baby in the womb.

Suggesting that the students estimate how many beats per 10 seconds, beats per 30 seconds and beats per 1 minute is a good start to having them think about proportional reasoning and rates of change.

Act 2 – Giving Information

The following video will give students a number of beats per period of time. They can then use this to help them determine the number of beats per minute or any other suggested rate you would like.

Act 3 – Does The Theoretical Answer Match Practical?

Allow students to check their solutions:

Math Task Template

Download a handy math task template below for students to use as they organize their work…

Baby Beats 3 Act Math Task Template PDF File

For those wondering, yes… this is the actual heartbeat of our second child, due in April of 2014. Very excited to share this 3 act math task with her/him once old enough! :)


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