Setting up the devices for the first time…

One item I was unaware of before the iPad shipment came in was how the setup process would work using the Bretford Power Sync Cart.  Although you should never assume, I figured that the initial setup would be a more efficient process with the Sync Cart, but I was wrong.  Each device had to be setup individually, plugging in one at a time.

Some things I have learned since:

  • You CAN plug in all devices and simply click on each iPad in iTunes to make the process a bit quicker, but you will not be able to tell which iPad is which in the cart.  If you intend to name your iPads “ipad 01”, “ipad 02”, etc. you will have no way to determine which is which once the process is completed.  A way around this is to plug one iPad in the first slot, get started on the setup process and name it, then plug in the next.  This will save a bit of time, but still inconvenient in my opinion.
  • I found some tips on the initial setup process on The Spicy Learning Blog by Royan Lee.  He suggested creating a new iTunes account specifically for the iOS devices.  This eliminates confusion between your own purchased apps and apps that the school or board allow you to purchase.  He also suggests syncing the iPads individually and setting them up as a new device.  This is how I have my devices currently.  Unfortunately, by doing so, it makes it difficult to control what is on all the iPads with one sync.  Another option I have since stumbled upon was on Teaching Like It’s 2999 by Jennie Cho Magiera.  She suggests using one iPad as your “Master” setup iPad, set up all of your apps, settings, etc. on that device, create a backup of that iPad, and restoring all other devices using that backup file.  Seems like a huge process, but probably less work than individually tweaking each device, when needed.

More updates soon!  Stick around!


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