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Knowledgehook Gameshow Free Online Assessment Tool Gamified

Knowledgehook’s Gameshow Beta Tool is a FREE Gamified Online Assessment Tool that does more than what Google Forms, Socrative and Kahoot can do by pushing the bar up with level-up experience (XP) points as well as FREE content teachers can use to run ready-made gameshows or customize their own!

Since the introduction of Knowledgehook’s beta version of Gameshow, I was immediately impressed with the look, feel and roadmap for this new tool to join the online formative assessment party.

Let’s have a closer look…

See below for a quick written summary with screenshots of the experience:

Sign Up For a FREE Account

Sign Up For a FREE Knowledgehook Gameshow Teacher Account copy

Signing up for a free teacher/administrator account was simple and painless. Only a few details including your school email address to avoid the possibility of students signing up as a teacher.

Pick Your Location

Knowledgehook Gameshow Province or Location Selection

Pick your location. Initially, the tool focused on Ontario only, however they have since added content for much of Canada and the Common Core in the United States.

Select Your Courses

Knowledgehook Gameshow Province or Location Selection

I’m unsure of the different course options available depending on your location. In Ontario, it appears that grades 3-10 math have been covered. If I was in another subject area, I would just select any courses (maybe all) and then move on. There is a custom gameshow creation tool where you can construct your own questions, so this tool will be useful regardless of whether you have selected your correct course.

Pick Course to Select / Customize Gameshows

Knowledgehook Gameshow Course Selection

From here, you can now select your desired course from the pull down menu in the main navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Knowledgehook Gameshow Press View to See The Question Details

Click on the VIEW button to preview the questions, add them individually to a custom gameshow, or edit the questions directly.

Press PLAY to Start a Gameshow!

Knowledgehook Gameshow Press Play to Begin the Assessment

Press PLAY on a ready-made gameshow, or customize your own gameshow by interleaving content or creating your own problem sets.

Students head to and enter in your gameshow room PIN to begin. No student accounts necessary – Just a device and a connection! However, I’d argue that having student accounts opens the door for a great deal of data that is useful for you in assessing where you should go next with your students.

Great Looking User Interface

Knowledgehook Gameshow Beautiful User Interface and Experience

Using a minimalist and modern approach, the platform is appealing to the eye.

Gamified With Experience (XP) Points

Knowledgehook Gameshow Gamified Experience Points XP and Leveling Up copy

With all of the work that I’ve been doing on Gamifying my assessment practices this year, the experience points seem to fit in nicely with my thinking.

Create Custom Gameshows With a Versatile Question Template

Knowledgehook Gameshow Custom Question Creation Shell

The custom gameshow and question creation tool is really versatile offering the most customization I’ve experienced thus far in the online assessment / clicker quiz market. I’m really excited to dig in and play with all of the options including HTML tags to add links and other great features.

Have You Tried Knowledgehook’s Gameshow? What Do You Think?

Have you tried this new free online assessment tool? If so, let me know how it went for you!


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