Google Officially Takes On Dropbox With Google Docs / Drive

Can Google Docs Eliminate Dropbox From the Cloud Scene?

As I attempted to log-in to my Google Docs page to record some marks from a Google Docs Form, I was face-to-face with an advertisement page for Google’s new cloud storage solution which will act more like Dropbox for its’ sharing capabilities.

Screenshot of Google Drive Advertisement PageGoogle Drive is Here…


Google Docs / Drive Offers Double The Space Versus Dropbox

The slogan for Google Drive is “Google Drive.  Keep everything.  Share anything” which shows that their aim is to take a blow at Dropbox enabling users to share files and complete folders with other colleagues, friends, & family.

Google Docs Google Drive Connects you to all of your Devices Just like Dropbox Cloud ComputingHow Will They Convert Dropbox Users?

While Dropbox offers their users 2 GB of storage for free, Google Drive has more than doubled them up by offering 5 GB free of charge.  In order to keep their current users, we may see Dropbox having to extend the amount of free space they provide as well as possibly reduce the price of extra storage space.

Google Docs | Google Drive Gives You Double the Space Compared to DropboxWill Google Drive be as Reliable as Dropbox?

At this point, we can’t say with any certainty.  But, if I was a betting man, I would have to assume that Google will have a system which is secure and stable for all users across their devices.

Have you used Google Drive yet (formerly Google Docs)?  If so, please comment below so we can compare these online storage leaders and declare a Cloud Computing Champ.


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