CX Cloud Computing Offers Free 10GB Dropbox of Storage

New Cloud Computing Option to Rival Dropbox

CX offers cloud computing options for personal and business individuals with much more appealing options than popular competitors Dropbox and Google Drive.

Educational Technology CX Cloud Computing Options

Get 10GB of Cloud Computing Storage vs. 2GB With Dropbox

I have always been a huge advocate for the use of Dropbox as a cloud computing solution for educators and students in the classroom. Those who want to advance their learning in cloud computing can also take a look at the Microsoft az 104 dumps for the exams to give them a better base to start from. Although 2 gigabytes (or 2,000 megabytes MB) of Dropbox storage seems like a large amount of files to be syncing in the cloud, you’ll quickly find out that most computer users burn through 2 gigabytes of storage in a flash. Save some MP3s, a few movie clips and some general files and you could find yourself closing in on your limit. With a CX cloud computing account, you can store your daily digital content in the cloud with a free personal account with 10GB of storage!

Sign Up For a Personal Account Quickly & Easily!

Free and Paid Education CX Cloud Computing Options

When you head to CX to signup for a free personal account, keep in mind that the company does offer paid plans and will encourage you to purchase a plan. Note that at the top of the registration pop-up window that there is a link to select a free personal account with 10GB of cloud storage.

Free and Paid Education CX Cloud Computing Options

You’ll also notice that where you can select your desired CX plan, the free personal plan is located with a text link near the bottom.

Simple Registration – Only Name & Email Address Required

Share Dropbox Folders with CX Cloud Computing

It seems that everywhere you go on the internet, you must register for an account and share personal information that you may not feel comfortable with. While I know most companies are very responsible when it comes to spam including cloud storage companies like Dropbox and CX, I still prefer to keep as much personal information to myself as possible.

Share Dropbox Folders with CX Cloud Computing

Share Files & Folders Like Dropbox

One of the big questions I had right off the bat was whether users could share files and folders with other CX users. The answer is yes and this is a make-or-break feature for someone like myself. I enjoy having a shared folder in the cloud with my students so I can check on their digital portfolios throughout the course and assess items at will.

10GB Not Enough? Refer Your Friends For More Space!

CX Cloud Computing Offers Free 10GB Storage Dropbox

If you think that 10GB of space isn’t enough, you can always receive an additional 300 MB of space for every referral you send to CX for an account. This is more than the 250 MB that Dropbox currently offers for referrals.

Mobile Apps Available to Make Sharing from iPad Easy!

CX Cloud Computing for iPad and Android Devices
With app availability for Windows, MacOS, iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch), Android and even Kindle, CX is a cloud computing solution that will work with any device you can throw at them.

Overall Impression – Worth the While!

With functionality for iPad and Android as well as a very generous 10GB free personal account for users, it seems like CX has taken the appropriate steps to make themselves a contender for a portion of the cloud computing market. Education seems like an ideal place to start for them. I would consider eliminating the requirement of an email address so students under the age of 13 in Canada can create their own account without having their own email address. Great start and I’m definitely going to continue using them until I find a reason not to.

What Do You Think?

Have you tried CX for your school cloud computing solution? Are you using another service like Dropbox, Google Drive or to save and share files in the cloud? Some people have said that if they decide to scale up their cloud tech talk to someone similar to it support dallas tx. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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