Collecting Data With Google Drive for Your PLC

Saving Data to the Cloud for Your Collaborative Inquiry

This year marks the 3rd since the Greater Essex County District School Board introduced the Middle Years Collaborative Inquiry project through the Ontario Ministry of Education through superintendent Dan Fister. We have come a long way since year one, growing from five schools to 29 this year.

One of the biggest changes we have introduced for this year is a Professional Learning Cycle schedule that will bring each collaborative inquiry team through the PLC four times. Throughout the process, each team is expected to collect evidence including:

  • the working level of each student in their math class at the beginning and end of each cycle, and
  • collect more detailed evidence for four (4) marker students.

Although data collection can vary from school to school and even teacher to teacher, we wanted to ensure that we had some consistency when collecting the working level of each student in their course. Since each MYCI Member received an iPad, Projector and Apple TV, it seemed logical to leverage the technology as a data collection tool also. Check out the video below to learn more about how we’ll be doing it.

How to Collect MYCI Evidence in Google Drive

More MYCI Tutorials coming as the year progresses. Feel free to comment if you have any questions or suggestions!


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