My ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3

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ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute to welcome in the new ADE Class of 2015. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the professional development experiences organized by Apple for the ADE Community are second to none. Not only was I thrilled to hear that my application was accepted to attend the Americas Institute in Miami, Florida, but I also had an opportunity to present another “1-in-3” ADE Showcase as I did last summer.

For those of you interested in checking it out, here is my ADE 2015 Showcase. Special thanks to Jon Orr, Sharon Drummond, and Peter Esperanza for capturing video for me.

Showcase Slides & Transcript

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Title Slide

Hello Friends! My name is Kyle Pearce.

If you know me well, then it wouldn’t be surprising if I told you that I find stuff like…

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Correlation Coefficient

this interesting. Unfortunately, when I try to share this passion with my students, I usually get reactions more like this…

[image of a scared dog]

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - My Engaging Note

Now, it is clear that lessons like these don’t do much to help. Unfortunately for my first class of students back in 2006, this is what “good teaching” looked like to me.

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Engaged Yet

I thought that technology would improve student engagement, but realized quickly that …

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Substitution and Augmentation

simply substituting what I would write on the board and augmenting the delivery of my lesson improved the behavioural engagement of my students, it did little to nothing intellectually.

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Traditional Math Class

When I came to the conclusion that the traditional lesson format I had always used was due to familiarity rather than efficiency, I knew I had to make a change.

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - 4 Part Math Lesson

Now, lessons are delivered in a task based format allowing students to use the inquiry process to make connections to their prior knowledge.

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - MacBook Pro to Create Resources

Creating material involves snapping photos and capturing video on my iPhone to make math real. These resources are then modified and enhanced on my MacBook Pro using a variety of apps such as Keynote and Final Cut Pro to help students visualize the math we are learning prior to introducing their algebraic representations.

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Use a Variety of iOS Apps

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - GoodNotes 4 iOS App for Anotating

We also use a variety of iPad apps to make learning math more interactive and visual such as GoodNotes 4, which allows students to quickly annotate on the screen;

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - iBooks Author and iBooks Interactive Material

iBooks Author is a dynamic tool that makes it easy to create interactive content to leverage the natural curiosity in all of us; and, iTunes U makes creating professional development courses convenient for providing resources and establishing a continuous connection with the teachers I serve.

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Abstract Concepts like Solving Equations Can be Tough

There are also a variety of math content-specific apps such as Dragonbox that help address abstract concepts like solving equations.

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Use Dragonbox to Scaffold to Abstraction

Using screenshots from the game, we can help students make a clear connection from the visual model given by DragonBox and extend this to an algebraic equation in which students are expected to solve.

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Why Assess by Entire Units

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Abstract Sea of Numbers

Now, my focus has turned to how we can improve assessment. Rather than simply assigning marks for entire units that can get lost in an ABSTRACT sea of numbers…

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Gamifying Assessment in Mathematics

…we can leverage technology to change how we assess our students.

The traditional method of assigning a grade and moving on is harmful; learning should not be limited to those who are able to master a topic on the first try.

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Teaming Up With Jon Orr and Knowledgehook

To share this idea beyond our own classrooms, a newly minted ADE and I are teaming up with an innovative startup to make learning more like a game. Together, we are creating an app that will provide students with attainable targets, timely, ongoing feedback and growth opportunities in order to improve.

ADE 2015 Institute Showcase 1-in-3 - Counting Candies

Moving forward, I’m excited to continue working with you, the ADE Community as we all strive to leverage technology to push our students to be masters of their own learning.

Thank You.


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About Kyle Pearce

I’m Kyle Pearce and I am a former high school math teacher. I’m now the K-12 Mathematics Consultant with the Greater Essex County District School Board, where I uncover creative ways to spark curiosity and fuel sense making in mathematics. Read more.

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