Visualizing the Maximum Area of a 4-Sided Rectangular Enclosure

Increasing Spatial Reasoning Skills: Optimization of Measurement

Visualizing the Maximum Area of a 4-Sided Rectangular Enclosure

In the past, when introducing the concept of Optimization of Measurement, students would complete a series of investigations involving different lengths of rope, fence, etc. and would make connections from the table of values and graph they would produce. While I still intend to do some of the investigations, I want to make them more real and especially more visual to hopefully help students better retain the knowledge and develop a deep understanding.

Here’s the animation created for maximizing the area of a 4-sided rectangular enclosure:

Stage By Stage PDF File

Here is a stage-by-stage PDF file for you to grab, if you’d like:

Please let me know if you and your students found this resource helpful!

If you’re interested in creating animations for your own math class, download Keynote here:


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