Explain Everything Angle & Triangle Journey (Part 2)

Kicking It Up A Notch With Visual Angle Proofs

Explain Everything Math Learning Journey - Opposite Angles & Interior/Exterior Triangle Angles

Yesterday, I posted about my first attempt at creating an Explain Everything Math Learning Journey by providing students with an Explain Everything Project File with some questions intended to have them discover some angle theorems. We began the journey today and I hope that we will have some video footage to share in the coming days. The student iPads did not have an updated version of Explain Everything which made it a bit more difficult to navigate, but we should be good to go with a little practice using the app.

Just as we did with the first EE Learning Journey, my hope is for students to create tutorial videos that explain what they have discovered along the way to share with a global audience. My thinking is that we can take some topics that can tend to be dry (i.e.: HS Exterior Angle of a Triangle Theorem) and make the learning experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Extensions From The First Journey

This new Explain Everything Learning Journey explores the Angle Sum of a Triangle and Exterior Angle of a Triangle with moving angles that students can use to help them “prove” their discovery. Check out the new project file, a quick exemplar video (sorry, it is SILENT…) and some screenshots from the Explain Everything Math Journey.

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