EQAO Benchmark Tool Added to Knowledgehook Gameshow

Brand New Tool Added to Knowledgehook Just In Time For EQAO Free Until September!

Knowledgehook Gameshow EQAO Benchmark Tool Free

The Waterloo, Ontario based edtech startup “Knowledgehook” is at it again with a really cool new feature that is free for the remainder of this school year. With the EQAO Assessment of Mathematics Standardized Test just around the corner for grade 3, 6 and 9 students across the province of Ontario, I would have loved to know how my students stack up against students from those in prior years. Well, these guys have made that possible by taking the provincial data from previous EQAO tests and have created questions psychometrically valid for making comparisons.

Here’s what they had to say on their support page:

By using provincial data from prior EQAO exams, Knowledgehook’s EQAO Benchmark tool helps teachers easily identify the types of questions and areas that need special attention. By running our specially-made EQAO GameShows, teachers can measure how their own class is performing against provincial averages and be able to take action while there is still time.

Fast and informed EQAO preparation. Get started today!

I’m really curious to see what teachers think about this tool. I think there is a lot of potential here.

Let’s get started with some “how to” steps:

How To Access the Knowledgehook Gameshow Benchmark Data

Login and Create a Course

Create a free account and/or login at knowledgehook.com.
Be sure you have already created a course for your students. If you have already done this, then move on to the next step.

Click on the Gameshows Tab

Click on the Gameshows tab in the main navigation bar.

 Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Login and Click Gameshow Tab

Click on the Options Button

Click on the options button to the far right of the page. This should make the course selector dropdown menu appear.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Click on the Options Button

Click on the Course Pull Down Menu

Pull down the course menu to see all possible courses.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Click on the Course Pull Down

Click on Grade 3, 6 or 9

Select grade 3, 6 or 9 from the pull down menu in order to access EQAO Benchmark Questions.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Click on Your EQAO Course

Click on an EQAO Strand

Click on any EQAO pull down menu that appears in the list of mathematical strands for that course.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Click on the EQAO Strand Pull Down

Click View or Play

Click “View” in order to view/edit the questions in that gameshow. Click “Play” to play the questions as is. While you can edit the EQAO benchmark gameshows by adding/deleting questions as you see fit, note that if you actually edit the question itself, benchmark data will not appear for that particular question.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Click on View or Play

Click on Invite Students

Select your options for the gameshow and then click “Invite Students”.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - click on Invite Students

Give Students Instructions to Login

If you use gameshow often, your students will know what to do here.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Instruct Students to Login

Have Students Login With An Account or as a Guest

If you plan to use Gameshow more than once, it is probably best to have them create an account and become students in your Gameshow “class”. However, if it is your first and only time, you might want to expedite the login process and have them login as a guest.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Students Login as Guest or With Account

Play The Gameshow

Click “Play” to begin.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Play the Gameshow

How You Can Tell This Is a Benchmark Question

All benchmark questions indicate which EQAO Year they came from and what strand they were related to.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Benchmark Questions Have This Information

Once Students Submit an Answer, They Can Upload Their Solution

This is one of the biggest features for me as a teacher. I love having students able to share their thinking with the rest of the group and we can really focus on multiple representations and ensuring students know that there are many ways to solve a problem with a high level of effectiveness.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Students Submit Answer and Upload Solutions

Share Out Those Solutions!

This is great, especially around EQAO time for students to be able to explain their thinking and help others who may be a bit rusty on some ideas they haven’t played with for a while. Take the time and make it a learning experience!

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Share Student Solutions On Screen

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Close When finished

Click Next to See Benchmark Data

Click Next to see the benchmark data.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Go to Next Question to See Benchmark Information

Scroll down past the animated gif and other messages until you find the Benchmark data pull down menu.

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - Scroll Down Past Animated gif

Click to View Benchmark Data

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - View EQAO Benchmark Data

How Did Your Class Do?

How did your class do?

Knowledgehook EQAO Benchmark Tool - How Did Your Class Do

It is my understanding that this tool was created as a way for teachers and students to identify gaps in their understanding as they head for EQAO and the end of the school year. Hopefully, students will be able to see where they are weak comparatively to other students in the province in prior years and attempt to address those gaps with purpose and intentionality.

Interested In Trying Out Gameshow and EQAO Benchmarking?

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Would love to hear how you found the tool. Was it helpful? Where might they improve the tool?


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