Apply For Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2015

Hope I’ll see you at the 2015 North American Institute!

Apply for Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2015

Every two years, the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) Program opens applications for educators using Apple technology in transformative ways to join the community. Since I became an ADE in the class of 2013, I have been blessed to participate in a large number of learning opportunities offered by Apple and outside of the community due to the global professional learning network I have established.

If you’re uncertain of the professional growth and value this program can offer you as an educator, here are just a few of the many learning opportunities I have experienced as a direct result of my being an Apple Distinguished Educator:

  • Attended the Class of 2013 North American Institute – Austin, TX [read my reflection]
  • Attended & presented at Apple Educational Leadership Institute (ELI) 2013/2014 – Toronto, ON.
  • Joined the Apple Distinguished Educator Canadian Advisory Board in 2013.
  • Became an Apple Education Trainer to deliver professional development.
  • Attended the 2014 ADE Global Institute – San Diego, CA [see my ADE Showcase]
  • Had my Learn Through Pythagorean Theorem iTunes U Course & iBook published on the ADE iTunes site.
  • Currently participating in an Apple content writing project to create resources for struggling math students.

These are just a few of the many great learning opportunities I would never have had the chance to experience without the Apple Distinguished Educator program. Learning with ADE’s from North America and around the globe has been a life changing experience and I am so glad that I was pushed to apply back in 2013.

What is really great about the program is how they push you to always get better. Once you are an ADE alumni, you still must apply to attend future institutes. This means that everyone who attends any institute must demonstrate that they are still finding new ways to transform learning in their classroom. What an excellent idea.

Here’s my application video to attend the 2015 North American ADE Institute:

So be sure to apply before the March 1st, 2015 deadline and join in the learning!



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