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Knowledgehook Gameshow Embed Practice Links

A few folks were interested in the Free EQAO Practice via Knowledgehook’s Gameshow tool, but felt they didn’t have the time to experiment with a new tool during “crunch time” in the semester. I know the feeling!

Now, Knowledgehook has made it easy for students to practice any Gameshow independently without any setup, registration, or other hassles.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Student go to a simple website address to play the gameshow.
  2. They receive instant feedback.
  3. Done.

This is a great way to give students the option to practice what they need to work on in a fun, interactive way.


When students access Knowledgehook Gameshow activities via a link instead of through the website, there are some drawbacks including:

  • Upload solution is disabled since they are playing without an account.
  • Teacher cannot track student progress.
  • Students cannot reflect on the work they have done because once they close the link, the information is lost.

So, in my opinion, I would go with teacher and student accounts, however if you are in a time-crunch at the end of the semester, this is still a great way to offer students an additional way to prepare for the EQAO Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics.

Share the following useful links with your students. Jump to grade 9 academic or grade 9 applied content.

Grade 9 Academic Gameshow Links:

EQAO Release Material From Previous Years:

Content By Course Expectation/Learning Goal:

Grade 9 Applied Gameshow Links:

EQAO Release Material From Previous Years:

Content By Course Expectation/Learning Goal:

Need more practice? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add more!

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