2014-15 Middle Years Collaborative Inquiry – Session #1

Greater Essex County District School Board – MYCI in Mathematics

The GECDSB is proud to continue the Middle Years Collaborative Inquiry (MYCI) Project. This professional learning community is focused on improving student success in middle years math, specifically from grade 7 to 10. The 2014-15 school year will have an additional family of schools involved in the project. These new schools will bring our total number of schools to 28 schools and approximately 137 intermediate teacher and administrator team members.

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Session #1 Action Items

Here are a couple action items from MYCI Session #1:

  • Identify your urgent student learning need, inquiry question and theory of action,
  • design a minimum of one (1) of the three (3) assessment tools for use throughout your course,
  • submit the data collected from your diagnostic tool by Fri Oct 10th, and
  • have your students complete the Pre-MYCI Math Survey by Fri Oct 10th.

2014-15 MYCI Session #1 Slide Deck

Grab the slide deck in PDF form for annotating on your iPad in GoodNotes 4 or any other annotation app!

Collaborative Inquiry Planning Resources

MYCI Planning Template

Download the Planning Template by clicking on the image below. It is suggested that the template be opened in GoodNotes to allow you to add text boxes and/or annotate over the document.

2014-15 Middle Years Collaborative Inquiry (MYCI) Planning Template

Sample MYCI Rubric For Your Assessment Tools

Grab the sample MYCI Rubric to assist you in your planning below:

Middle Years Collaborative Inquiry 2014-15 Sample Assessment Rubric

Overall Expectations for Grade 7 – 10 Mathematics

Middle Years Collaborative Inquiry (MYCI) Overall Expectations Grade 7 to 10

Pre-MYCI Survey Link

Please have all students involved in the MYCI Project for this year complete the Pre-MYCI Math Survey at the link below:


Pre-MYCI Math Survey

If we could have this completed by Friday October 10th, that would be great!

Monitoring Tool Data Submission

Here is a link to the monitoring tool data collection form for the diagnostic, mid-course check-in, and final course check-in. Remember, it is the same form for all data submissions!

Enter Monitoring Data

If we could also have this completed by Friday October 10th, that would be great!

Math Activities, Tasks and Resources Shared

Who Has? I have… – Fractions Game Card Sets

At MYCI Session #1, we played a “Who Has? I have…” Fractions Game as an ice breaker. Some were interested in accessing this type of game for fractions and other topics. Here are a few!

I have, who has - Fractions Game Card Set

Access Cards

*Note that the link above has a watermark on it until you register/login.*

Other “Who has? I have” games:

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You Can Learn Anything – Khan Academy

Here is the video clip from Khan Academy we showed promoting the Growth Mindset.

Some Links Shared By Members At MYCI Sessions:

2014-15 MYCI Session #1 Exit Survey