Hastings Prince Edward District School Board Workshop

Making Math Contextual, Visual, and Interconnected

May 2016

Thank you for inviting me to your district office to work with such an inspiring group of mathematics educators! Please feel free to utilize the resources related to the day below for your future use. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out in the future!

Math Tasks Explored:

Stacking Paper [3 Act Math Task]

How many packages of paper will it take to reach the ceiling?

Stacking Paper - 3 Act Math Task - Real World Math

Real World Math in Proportional Reasoning and Linear Relations Here's a new Real World / 3 Act Math Task that is related to proportional reasoning and a direct variation linear relation with a partial variation sequel to boot! Please note that this is part one of three tasks in a series: Stacking Paper - Direct Variation (y-intercept equal to 0) Stacking Paper Sequel - Partial ...

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Stacking Paper Sequel [3 Act Math Task]

What is the height of the table?

Finding the Equation of a Line Given Slope and a Point - 5 Stacks of Paper on a Table

Finding the Equation of a Line Given Slope and a Point This 3 Act Math Task is a sequel to the Stacking Paper Real World Math Problem I created a couple weeks back. In the previous task, students were asked "How many stacks of paper will it take to reach the ceiling?" That problem had a sequel that explored the scenario of stacking the paper on a table instead of on the floor in order to see i...

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Thick Stacks [3 Act Math Task]

How tall is the table?

Thick Stacks 3 Act Math Task - Height of 12 Stacks and 5 Stacks

Finding the Equation of a Line Given Two Points This 3 Act Math Task is yet another sequel to the Stacking Paper and Stacking Paper - Sequel 3 Act Math Tasks where we look at linear relations with respect to a real world situation involving packages of paper stacked into a tower. While the original task begins with a direct variation requiring only basic proportional reasoning skills, th...

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Doritos Roulette: Hot or Not? [3 Act Math Task]

How Many Chips Are Hot?

Doritos Roulette - Hot or Not - 3 Act Math Task

Don't Get Burned By Doritos Roulette Spicy Hot Chips! Today, I was finally able to record some footage involving the mysterious Doritos Roulette chips when I was working with some colleagues from Tecumseh Vista Academy. If you haven't heard of the new Doritos flavour, here is the commercial: https://youtu.be/MJTr39UJlAs Special thanks to: Joey Demarse, Dan Frezell, Diane Gardin, Craig Gu...

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Fast Clapper [3 Act Math Task]

Will he beat the record?

Fast Clapper - 3 Act Math Task - Nathan Kraft

Using Real World Rates and Proportional Reasoning The following 3 act math task shared by Nathan Kraft (@nathankraft1) involves proportional reasoning with opportunities to address learning goals around rates, proportions, rates of change and creating equations. Jon Orr and I have used this task in presentations a number of times over the past few months and many have asked us to share o...

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Walk Out [3 Act Math Task]

What does the distance-time graph look like?

Walk Out 3 Act Math Task - Distance Time Graphs

Introducing Distance-Time Graphs & Graphing Stories This 3 act math task was created as a simple, yet powerful way to introduce distance-time graphs and other various graphs of linear and non-linear relationships between two variables. In particular, I'm looking to address the following specific expectations from the grade 9 math courses in Ontario: Grade 9 Applied LR4.02 & Grade 9 Acade...

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The Stacking Paper Tasks are also available on iOS as a multi-touch book for iBooks:

Stacking Paper Tasks Multitouch Book for iBooks

Grab It!

Learn more about what’s inside the multi-touch book here.

Or, consider accessing these tasks in an interactive way via Google Sites.

Desmos Activity Links

Counting Candy Desmos Activity Builder Activity

Counting Candy [3 Act Math Task]
Access the link to Counting Candy (Code: 95j6) to participate as a student.
Use this activity with your own class by clicking here.

Desmos Marbleslides Lines - Start New Activity

Marbleslides: Lines
We did an overview of Desmos Marbleslides: Lines
Use this activity with your own class by clicking here.

Note that they have other Marbleslides versions including:


Other interesting Desmos Activity Builder Tasks:

Will It Hit THe Hoop? Dan Meyer 3 Act Math Task Desmos Activity

Will It Hit The Hoop? – Dan Meyer 3 Act Math Task
Try as a student: Desmos Activity (Code: nax6)
Use this activity with your own class by clicking here.

Some other activities we may (or may not) explore:

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
The Detention Buy-Out: Solving Systems of Equations

3 Act Math Tasks: Curious Math iTunes U Course

Access over 30 tasks with all resources downloaded directly to your iOS Device to avoid streaming media in your classroom through the Curious Math iTunes U Course:

3 Act Math Tasks - Curious Math iTunes U Course

Enrol in Course

Other Useful Courses to Check Out:

Learn Pythagorean Theorem Through Exploration – Kyle Pearce
Stacking Paper Tasks – Kyle Pearce
Beautiful Functions – Jon Orr

OR, you don’t want to download Jon’s Beautiful Functions book? Check out all of the links here on his blog.

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