Conseil Scolaire Catholique Franco-Nord (CSCFN) Math Conference

Redefining Mathematics Pedagogy with Contextual Tasks & Technology

November 6th, 2017

Thank you for joining me for some math geekery at the Conseil Scolaire Catholique Franco-Nord (CSCFN) Math Conference! Please feel free to utilize the resources related to each day below for your future use. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out in the future!

Making Math Contextual, Visual and Concrete

Before jumping into the task, we discussed the two groups of students I (unintentionally) created in my class and the possible commonalities between students in both groups.

We also spent some time discussing the problem with rushing to the algorithm and used the Keurig Instant Coffee Maker commercial as a prime example of the rush to the algorithm.

The task explored during this session was the Stacking Paper 3 Act Math Task:

Stacking Paper [3 Act Math Task]

How many packages of paper will it take to reach the ceiling?

Stacking Paper - 3 Act Math Task - Real World Math

Real World Math in Proportional Reasoning and Linear Relations Here's a new Real World / 3 Act Math Task that is related to proportional reasoning and a direct variation linear relation with a partial variation sequel to boot! Please note that this is part one of three tasks in a series: Stacking Paper - Direct Variation (y-intercept equal to 0) Stacking Paper Sequel - Partial ...

Summary & Resources

We also extended the previous task discussing how we can take context and use it to extend thinking in other areas. Here’s that task:

Stacking Paper Sequel [3 Act Math Task]

What is the height of the table?

Finding the Equation of a Line Given Slope and a Point - 5 Stacks of Paper on a Table

Finding the Equation of a Line Given Slope and a Point This 3 Act Math Task is a sequel to the Stacking Paper Real World Math Problem I created a couple weeks back. In the previous task, students were asked "How many stacks of paper will it take to reach the ceiling?" That problem had a sequel that explored the scenario of stacking the paper on a table instead of on the floor in order to see i...

Summary & Resources

Although we didn’t get this far, there is a third extension that can be helpful for an inquiry that lands on the formula for slope of a linear relation:

Thick Stacks [3 Act Math Task]

How tall is the table?

Thick Stacks 3 Act Math Task - Height of 12 Stacks and 5 Stacks

Finding the Equation of a Line Given Two Points This 3 Act Math Task is yet another sequel to the Stacking Paper and Stacking Paper - Sequel 3 Act Math Tasks where we look at linear relations with respect to a real world situation involving packages of paper stacked into a tower. While the original task begins with a direct variation requiring only basic proportional reasoning skills, th...

Summary & Resources

During the session, we used Knowledgehook Gameshow to share out the thinking of the participants. Here’s a post explaining the tool, although they have added many more features since:

Check Out @Knowledgehook’s FREE Gameshow Assessment Tool!

Knowledgehook Gameshow Free Online Assessment Tool Gamified

A Free Gamified Clicker Tool With Ready-Made Content! Knowledgehook’s Gameshow Beta Tool is a FREE Gamified Online Assessment Tool that does more than what Google Forms, Socrative and Kahoot can do by pushing the bar up with level-up experience (XP) points as well as FREE content teachers can use to run ready-made gameshows or customize their own! While this is just the beta version, I am impr...


If you’re in a Chromebook school, you might consider using Google Sites as an option to deliver this task:

Access Google Site

You can also read a blog post about creating interactive tasks with Google Sites here:

Creating Interactive Math Tasks With Google Sites

Interactive Math Tasks With Google Apps

Recently, I wrote a post summarizing the Stacking Paper Tasks multi-touch book for iBooks. If you had a chance to download the multi-touch book, you'll notice that it is interactive and collaborative leveraging embedded padlet walls for students to share out their work. However, I've had some folks on Twitter asking how they could do something like this without an iPad: @MathletePearce Any sug...


I shared a Google Doc with a couple additional options as well such as Desmos Custom Activity Builder, Knowledgehook Gameshow, Recap! and GoFormative.

I hope you enjoyed the professional learning today at Conseil Scolaire Catholique Franco-Nord (CSCFN) Math Conference as much as I did! Looking forward to learning with you all again sometime in the future!

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