iPad Educational Technology Classroom TLLP Proposal Application

Teacher Learning and Leadership Program TLLP Application

The TLLP Grant That Funded My 1:1 iPad Classroom

Many people have asked for assistance in applying for a Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP) grant through the Ontario Ministry of Education. Here is the bulk of my iPad classroom proposal, called Tap Into Teen Minds.

Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP) Grant

Section 1: Individual Application Information

This section dealt with my contact information, current teaching assignment, teaching experience, school, and board information.

Section 2: TLLP Proposal for Project

Name of Project:
Tap Into Teen Minds With iPad 2

Briefly summarize your project topic:
As an advocate for using new and innovative strategies in the mathematics classroom, I am continuously searching for new tools and approaches which will benefit student learning and increase interest. Introducing a class set of Apple iPad 2 tablets will provide countless opportunities for students to learn mathematics in a dynamic and exciting environment. With many beneficial applications currently available such as the use of graphing calculators, digital textbooks, instant snap shots of classmate exemplar material, student polling capabilities, WiFi access to the internet just to name a few, it is clear that the potential for an endless number of new applications will be arriving with each passing day.

Please provide a rationale for pursuing this learning project:
Although huge strides have been made in recent years to improve student understanding and interest in mathematics, I still believe that opportunities to move forward dramatically are available, but not utilized due to educational funding as well as fear of the unknown. Many schools enforce rules which attempt to eliminate the use of mobile and tablet technology during the school day implying that these devices can only cause distraction, rather than a teachable moment. I firmly believe that if these mobile and tablet devices can be used by professionals to increase productivity during a work day, then the productivity during the school day can also be increased with these same tools. An example of these tools could be seen in note-taking applications, similar to notability on windows, that make it easier for students to take and save notes during their classes straight on their computer. After considering the many effective uses which can increase student learning, the cost associated with class sets of the Apple iPad 2 may seem high at first glance, but the use of this technology will actually save money in the long-run. Many costs which can be eliminated include, but are not limited to: Interactive Whiteboards (IWB), graphing calculators, physical textbooks, single-purpose polling devices, photocopying budgets, and many others.

Describe how the outcomes of your project would contribute to increasing student learning and development:
By giving students another tool to differentiate instruction in the mathematics classroom, student learning and development can only improve. Allowing students to have a limitless tool at their fingertips on a daily basis will allow them to reach their full potential by giving them multiple options to aide in their own learning, improve their researching skills with the availability of online resources and ultimately increase their overall mathematical confidence. In a relatively short period of time, I believe that gains can be measured and my experiences can be easily shared with colleagues in a school as well as board-wide manner.

Describe the background and experience you bring to this project (including any training or experience you have that would prepare you to work in an adult learning setting):
Currently in my fifth year teaching mathematics, I feel that my experience teaching mathematics with the use of technology are much more advanced than what can be measured with time. With major teachable subjects in mathematics and computer science, I have also completed all three parts of both Computers in the Classroom as well as Guidance AQ Specialist courses. Initially teaching in my first year with an LCD projector and WACOM Graphire Tablet & Pen, I have since been fortunate enough to house a SMART Board interactive white board in my classroom for my fourth consecutive year. Creating and actively maintaining a course website for all of my courses, all materials, mark, news, calendars and solutions are updated on a regular basis which has attracted a large percentage of students to visit frequently for resources. Having organized our board-wide mathematics subject-specific professional development day for the previous two years, I have presented technology-related workshops on numerous occasions. Finally, being a co-chair of the promotions committee for the Ontario Association of Mathematics Educators (OAME) 2011 Conference at the University of Windsor has given me the opportunity to stay up-to-date with new mathematics strategies and technologies. Overall, I feel that I have sufficient background and experience to take this project to the next level.

Section 3: Plan for Your Professional Learning

What are your professional learning goals for this project?

  • My first professional learning goal for this project would be to utilize my educational strategies for the iPad and other tablet technology which resides in many students’ lockers during school hours.
  • My second professional learning goal for this project is to research as well as collaborate with other educators and programmers to create more effective strategies for iPad and other tablet devices.
  • My third professional learning goal for this project is to create a strategy/budget which will show that purchasing tablet technology such as the Apple iPad 2 will save money by eliminating physical textbooks, interactive whiteboards (IWBs), graphing calculators and single-purpose polling devices.

Describe the activities you will undertake during this proposed project in order to achieve your professional learning goals (please include approximate timelines):

  • I will document and provide user friendly tutorial documents which will explain how to successfully implement some key strategies with the Apple iPad 2 such as the use of graphing calculator software, digital textbooks, and instant polling applications which can be used for diagnostic, formative as well as summative assessment.
    Timeline: Over the course of one school year.
  • Perform research online in an attempt to make contact with other educators to collaborate and develop new ways that this technology can be used effectively in the classroom.
    Timeline: Over the course of one school year.
  • Making contact with Apple as well as other companies involved in developing iPad educational applications will provide me with more ideas as well as the opportunity to promote my ideas.
    Timeline: Over the course of one school year.
  • Complete research to determine the cost of all items in order to complete a cost-comparison.
    Timeline: Over the course of one school year.

What measures will you use to determine if you have met your professional learning goals for this project (e.g., surveys, reflective journals, portfolios)?

  • A pre- and post- Apple iPad 2 survey will be used to gauge changes in such areas as: mathematical enjoyment, confidence, understanding and difficulty.
  • Keep a reflective journal which will allow me to share my experiences with colleagues, reflect on areas which can be improved in future lessons, and to document any gains which have been made.
  • Create a budget to compare the cost/savings of the Apple iPad 2 compared to the other single-purpose resources which currently exist in schools today.

Indicate the budget for the activities and measurements (e.g., the amount of release time you will need, the board’s rate to cover occasional teacher’s costs, the cost of resources and technical training).

  • 5 release days to collect, organize, and analyze data as well as to create tutorial documents which will be provided to other teachers in my board and across the province.
    $210 x 5 = $1050
  • Class Set (30) Apple iPad 2 16GB
    $564 x 30 = $16,920 (including HST)
  • Bretford Powersync iPad 2 Charge Cart
    $2,824 x 1 = $2,824 (including HST)
  • Apple iPad 2 Protective Cases
    $20 x 30 = $600
  • Apple iPad 2 Apps
  • 5 release days to meet with other educators, developers and/or attend professional development related to the use of iPod Touch/iPhone technology in the classroom.
    Coverage: $210 x 5 = $1050
    Possible PD Cost: $1000
  • 1 release day to create a budget comparing the cost savings of the Apple iPad 2 versus the other single-purpose resources which currently exist in schools today.
    Coverage: $210

Section 4: Plan for Sharing

Who do you plan to share your learning with (e.g., teachers in your school, teachers or school teams in another school/board?)?

  • Colleagues in my own school
  • Colleagues in my board
  • Colleagues across the province

Describe how your learning will be shared (e.g., written resource, teacher/school kit, working with other teachers in their classrooms, facilitating workshops, podcast, webcast, video conferencing, wikis)

  • During the first year with a class set of Apple iPad 2 tablets, I will share my progress with my colleagues in my own school by posting regular updates to our First Class conference and invite them to come in for observation/team teaching. This will hopefully initiate new ideas for us to try with the class set.
  • During the next board-wide mathematics professional development day, I will give a workshop which will outline my undertaking of this project, my experiences as well as how colleagues across the board can begin to incorporate new iPad and other tablet technology in their classroom to prepare them for this technology shift.
  • To assist my colleagues across the province, I will deliver a similar presentation at the OAME 2011 Conference at the University of Windsor to encourage other teachers and boards to explore the options available when using tablet devices like the Apple iPad 2.

What measures will you use to determine the effectiveness of your plan for sharing (e.g., surveys, reflective journals, portfolios, focus groups)?

  • I will offer colleagues in my own school the opportunity to use the class set of Apple iPads to be used during particular days and periods for a set amount of time. I will then survey them to determine what improvements they noticed in their classroom as well as their overall impression of using this technology.
  • Colleagues in my board and across the province will be asked to complete a feedback/evaluation survey after attending my workshop based on the use of the Apple iPad 2 in the mathematics classroom.

Budget & Funding Required from Grant:
Indicate the budget for the activities and measurements (e.g., the amount of release time you will need, the board’s rate to cover occasional teacher’s costs, the cost of resources and technical training).

  • A maximum of 2 release days would be required for planning to present at workshops in my school, board, or for OAME.
    Coverage: $210 x 2 = $420

Section 5: Budget for Project & Required Grant Funding


TLLP iPad Grant Approved

After some time, I was fortunate to find out that my TLLP Project was selected for funding. For the 2011-12 school year, I would be leading a Teacher Learning and Leadership Program project funded jointly by the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Greater Essex County District School Board.

The project was funded to purchase the following:

  • 30 Apple iPad 2 Tablets
  • 1 Bretford Power Sync & Security cart
  • 1 Macbook

Follow me as I keep you updated on my progress with this project.

If you have completed a TLLP project in the past and have suggestions to add to this grant proposal page, please help our readers by adding a comment below!