OTF Connect – Working With Two Variable Relationships

Ontario Teachers Federation Connect Webinar

April 21st, 2016

Join colleagues and engage in multiple 3 Act Math Tasks using specific real world examples related to two-variable relationships, scatter plots, distance-time and motion-time graphs. During this webinar, prepare to have your curiosity sparked as you will solve junior/intermediate math problems with ease and participating in a fun consolidation of these often “not-so-fun” topics. Upon leaving the session, you will have access to all the tasks and resources used during the session including the interactive Knowledgehook Custom Gameshow you can use to engage your students and develop a deep understanding of these important concepts.
Replay the webinar and access OTF Resources here.

Resources Related to This Session:

Walk Out [3 Act Math Task]

What does the distance-time graph look like?

Walk Out 3 Act Math Task - Distance Time Graphs
Summary & Resources

Candle Burning [3 Act Math Task]

How long will it take for the candle to burn out?

Candle's Burning 3 Act Math Task
Summary & Resources

Draining The Pool [3 Act Math Task]

How long will it take to drain the pool?

Draining the Pool - Making Predictions With Scatter Plots - 3 Act Math Task
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