OTF Connect – Making Connections Between Proportional Thinking and Fractional Thinking

Ontario Teachers Federation Connect Webinar

December 5th, 2016

Make connections from the relational thinking behind proportional reasoning and represent these number relationships as fractions. Join Kyle Pearce as we explore fractional thinking using tasks that are contextual, visual and concrete in order to examine fraction constructs, uncover multiple representations of fractions, and discover different perspectives that build the conceptual understanding behind the rules for multiplying and dividing fractions.

Replay the webinar and access OTF Resources here.

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Summary of this Webinar:

The Progression of Fractions

The Progession of Fractions from K-12

Exploring Fraction Constructs and Proportional Reasoning Fractions are a beast of a concept that causes struggles for many adults and students alike. While we all come to school with some intuition to help us with thinking fractionally and proportionally, the complexity quickly begins to increase as we move from concrete, to visual, to symbolic and from identifying, to comparing, to manipulatin...


Other Resources Related to this Webinar:

Paying Attention to Fractions

Paying Attention to Fractions


Paying Attention to Proportional Reasoning

Paying Attention to Proportional Reasoning Document


Gimme A Break [3 Act Math Task]

How many pieces of the whole are there?

Gimme A Break - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing Fractions 3 Act Math Task

Adding/Subtracting and an Intro to Multiplying/Dividing Fractions A colleague and good friend, Dave Burke, reached out to me recently for some ideas around adding and subtracting fractions. In particular, he was interested in trying to make the topic a little more enjoyable by adding some context. This was a challenge I was really eager to work on because working with fractions is such ...

Summary & Resources

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Knowledgehook Gameshow Free Online Assessment Tool Gamified

A Free Gamified Clicker Tool With Ready-Made Content! Knowledgehook’s Gameshow Beta Tool is a FREE Gamified Online Assessment Tool that does more than what Google Forms, Socrative and Kahoot can do by pushing the bar up with level-up experience (XP) points as well as FREE content teachers can use to run ready-made gameshows or customize their own! While this is just the beta version, I am impr...


Grade 9 EQAO Math Practice Links for @Knowledgehook Gameshow!

Knowledgehook Gameshow Embed Practice Links

Convenient & FREE Practice Options For Your Students A few folks were interested in the Free EQAO Practice via Knowledgehook’s Gameshow tool, but felt they didn’t have the time to experiment with a new tool during “crunch time” in the semester. I know the feeling! Now, Knowledgehook has made it easy for students to practice any Gameshow independently without any setup, registration, or other h...


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