OTF Connect – Exploring the Progression of Proportional Reasoning From K-9

Ontario Teachers Federation Connect Webinar

October 26th, 2016

Students begin using proportional reasoning early in their mathematics learning journey when they begin to think of the magnitude of numbers relative to another rather than in absolute terms. Join Kyle Pearce as we explore the progression of proportional reasoning throughout the primary, junior and intermediate math classroom by using tasks that are contextual, visual and concrete and spark curiosity in students.

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The Progression of Proportional Reasoning From K-9

How Many Doritos Are In A Bag - Consolidation

The Foundation and Development of Multiplicative Thinking Proportional Reasoning is a big idea that is connected in some way to all mathematical strands and stretches across many grades in the Ontario mathematics curriculum. While many focus on the importance of proportional reasoning for students in junior and intermediate grades, I believe that we can see the early development of proportional r...


Paying Attention to Proportional Reasoning

Paying Attention to Proportional Reasoning Document


Doritos Roulette: Hot or Not? [3 Act Math Task]

How Many Chips Are Hot?

Doritos Roulette - Hot or Not - 3 Act Math Task

Don't Get Burned By Doritos Roulette Spicy Hot Chips! Today, I was finally able to record some footage involving the mysterious Doritos Roulette chips when I was working with some colleagues from Tecumseh Vista Academy. If you haven't heard of the new Doritos flavour, here is the commercial: https://youtu.be/MJTr39UJlAs Special thanks to: Joey Demarse, Dan Frezell, Diane Gardin, Craig Gu...

Summary & Resources

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