OTF Connect – 4-Part Math Lesson: Number Sense and Algebra

Ontario Teachers Federation Connect Webinar

March 24th, 2015

This session is part of a series entitled Incorporating the 4-Part Math Framework Into Your Lesson.

In this OTF Connect Series, participants are introduced to a math lesson framework that unpacks the Minds On, Action, and Consolidation from the well known 3-Part Math Lesson into four, more specific parts. Each session will introduce a lesson exemplar that will incorporate real world problems in a style similar to Dan Meyer’s 3-Act Math Tasks to offer the context necessary for students to successfully make connections between what we see in the real world and its mathematical representation.

Session 3: Introducing Number Sense and Algebra With the 4-Part Math Lesson Framework

The conclusion of this OTF Connect Series introducing the 4-Part Math Lesson explores specific real world examples related to Number Sense and Numeration and how we can leverage visuals to make connections to concepts in Patterning and Algebra. During this webinar, you will engage as the student and solve problems with ease regardless of your mathematical background and participate in the consolidation to their abstract representations using algebra. Upon leaving the session, you will have access to all the resources used during the session to engage your students from grade 6 all the way to grade 9 academic to prove to them that they really DO understand math!

Replay the webinar and access OTF Resources here.

Resources Related to This Session:

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