Making Grade 9 Math Tasks Contextual

Ontario Association of Mathematics Educators (OAME) 2016

May 6th, 2016

Co-presented by: Jon Orr and Kyle Pearce

Embark on a journey to experience lessons that are digital in nature, but promote collaboration instead of isolation, and curiosity instead of acceptance. Break away from direct instruction and empower students with resources that “uncover” curriculum instead of “cover” curriculum. This session will focus on making grade 9 math tasks contextual, visual and concrete to leverage the natural curiosity of our students through the use of iPads, iBooks and iTunes U.

Resources Related to This Session:

Fast Clapper [3 Act Math Task]

Will he beat the record?

Fast Clapper - 3 Act Math Task - Nathan Kraft

Using Real World Rates and Proportional Reasoning The following 3 act math task shared by Nathan Kraft (@nathankraft1) involves proportional reasoning with opportunities to address learning goals around rates, proportions, rates of change and creating equations. Jon Orr and I have used this task in presentations a number of times over the past few months and many have asked us to share o...

Summary & Resources

Walk Out [3 Act Math Task]

What does the distance-time graph look like?

Walk Out 3 Act Math Task - Distance Time Graphs

Introducing Distance-Time Graphs & Graphing Stories This 3 act math task was created as a simple, yet powerful way to introduce distance-time graphs and other various graphs of linear and non-linear relationships between two variables. In particular, I'm looking to address the following specific expectations from the grade 9 math courses in Ontario: Grade 9 Applied LR4.02 & Grade 9 Acade...

Summary & Resources

Check Out @Knowledgehook’s FREE Gameshow Assessment Tool!

Knowledgehook Gameshow Free Online Assessment Tool Gamified

A Free Gamified Clicker Tool With Ready-Made Content! Knowledgehook’s Gameshow Beta Tool is a FREE Gamified Online Assessment Tool that does more than what Google Forms, Socrative and Kahoot can do by pushing the bar up with level-up experience (XP) points as well as FREE content teachers can use to run ready-made gameshows or customize their own! While this is just the beta version, I am impr...


Grade 9 EQAO Math Practice Links for @Knowledgehook Gameshow!

Knowledgehook Gameshow Embed Practice Links

Convenient & FREE Practice Options For Your Students A few folks were interested in the Free EQAO Practice via Knowledgehook’s Gameshow tool, but felt they didn’t have the time to experiment with a new tool during “crunch time” in the semester. I know the feeling! Now, Knowledgehook has made it easy for students to practice any Gameshow independently without any setup, registration, or other h...


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