NOMA 2018 Presentations and Workshops

Ontario Association of Mathematics Educators (OAME)

May 12th, 2018

I had a blast learning with all of my friends from Northern Ontario.

If you’re interested in resources, here they are from the two sessions I had the pleasure of being a part of…

Going Deeper With Math Moments That Matter

Presenters: Jon Orr & Kyle Pearce

OAME - Going Deeper With Math Moments That Matter


What makes a memorable math moment? Is it a real world task? Is it relevant to your students? Is it
media-rich or delivered in 3 acts?

While many professional development sessions focus on a specific component of an effective math
lesson, Jon Orr and Kyle Pearce will model what they believe to be the three key components of an
effective mathematics lesson: sparking student curiosity, fuelling their Sense making and igniting your
next steps.

Join them as they lead a task to break each component down and then build it all back up to create a
memorable math moment.


Memorization vs. Automaticity: Back to Basics or Beyond the Basics?

Presenters: Kyle Pearce

OAME 2018 - Memorization vs Automaticity Back to Basics or Beyond the Basics

We’ve all heard it before; kids don’t know their math facts! While this may be true for some students,
what is more important than simply memorization multiplication facts is building a conceptual
understanding of what multiplication means, how to visualize multiplication and how the standard
algorithm for multiplication really works. Let’s start in primary where the beginnings of multiplication
are introduced through counting, explore some key cross-strand connections we can make along the
journey and show how these deep conceptual understandings can help support student understanding
of abstract concepts that arise in grade 9 and 10. As always, we will approach this learning with tasks
that are contextual, visual and concrete.

Here are some resources that were referenced during the presentation. Enjoy!

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If you could be so kind as to offer some feedback, I would love to hear areas you felt were useful as well as areas of improvement. Thanks in advance!


I hope you found these presentations and resources helpful in your professional learning journey. Looking forward to learning with you all again sometime soon!