Tecumseh Vista Vortex Hockey Practice Drills

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Breakout Drill in Progressions

At next practice, we will be using a breakout drill to help us get the puck out of our zone and eliminate chances for the opponent in our own end.

Breakout Hockey Drill by WeissTechHockey.com

Two Man Weave Drill

Passing drill involving two players.

Three Man Weave Drill

Passing drill involving three players.

Get the Net Drill

White players lined up on one side, Dark players lined up on the other. Puck is dumped into the zone. Object of the drill is for the player to carry the puck out of the zone on the other side. If a player was lined up on right side of the ice, they must carry the puck out the left side and visa-versa.

Offensive Zone Forecheck 1-2-2

Weakside Lock (Similar to 1-2-2)

An offensive zone strategy when we do not have possession of the puck.