Patterns and Relationships Culminating Task

Grade 6 Mathematics – Primary/Junior Resources

Learning Goals for this Culminating Task:

The grade 6 mathematics Patterns and Relationships culminating task learning goals for students is to:

  • demonstrate an ability to represent geometric patterns in a variety of ways, and
  • determine a term, given its term number by extending growing and shrinking patterns.

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Grade 6 Mathematics - Patterning and Relationships - Handout Resources


Minds On:

Patterns and Relationships Culminating Task - Minds On

Students will complete two questions in the Minds On section to activate prior knowledge and get them thinking for the culminating activity for this unit.

Minds On Question #1:

Bill the plumber charges $75 to show up for a service call
and also charges $30/hr to make any repairs.

  • Represent this pattern in a table of values.
  • Write the pattern rules in words.

Minds On Question #2:

Consider the following table of values.

  • Does this table represent a growing or shrinking pattern? Explain how you know.
  • Write the pattern rules in words for this pattern.

Students will then share-out their work over the Apple TV and have a discussion as a group.


Grade 6 Mathematics - Patterning and Relationships - Action

Students will work independently on four scenarios that use multiple representations of patterns. Students will be given a pattern represented using pattern rules in words, a table of values or a graph and they will be required to represent the pattern in at least two other ways.

Students will also be required to extend their growing or shrinking pattern in order to find the term value of a corresponding term number and visa versa.


Grade 6 Mathematics - Patterning and Relationships - Consolidation

Think, Pair, Share

Grade 6 Mathematics - Patterning and Relationships - Think Pair ShareEach group will be required to create their own pattern using the representation indicated on their Patterning Representation Card given to you by the Teacher. The card will ask you to create a pattern in words, a table or a graph.


  • Your Patterning Representation Card.
  • The BaiBoard App on iPad or Chart paper & markers.


  • Use your black marker to label your chart 
  • With your group, you will create your own pattern in the representation given to you on your card.
  • Once your group has created your pattern, you will trade off with another group in an attempt to show the other two representations.
  • Each group will use Explain Everything on the iPad to show how they found the other two representations.