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Friday March 31st, 2017 – PD Day

Great learning with the Davis staff today. Please find some resources below:

The GECDSB Mathematics Strategy

GECDSB Math Strategy

Mathematical Proficiencies

The full GECDSB Mathematics Vision is here.

GECDSB Mathematical Proficiencies

Paying Attention to Spatial Reasoning

Paying Attention to Spatial Reasoning Document

3 Act Math Task: Donut Delight

The main math task explored was Donut Delight where we played with multiplication to predict how many donuts there were in the “double hundred dozen” box and then used repeated subtraction to lead to a flexible division algorithm for division when we tried to find how many layers there were. To see all kinds of different representations and access all of the resources, head to this post here:

Donut Delight [3 Act Math Task]

How many doughnuts are there?

Krispy Kreme Donut Delight - 3 Act Math Task Screenshot

Sparking Curiosity to Fuel Sense Making of Multiplication and Division When one of our district math leads, Brennan Jones asked me to brainstorm some ways we could help his staff engage in some professional development around division and incorporate a 3 act math task into the learning, I immediately thought of some contexts where arrays, base ten blocks and area models could be used to h...

Summary & Resources

Japanese Multiplication

In some of the groups, one of the multiplication strategies we explored was Japanese multiplication. You can view the post below:

Why Japanese Multiplication Works

Why Japanese Multiplication Works - Using Lines to Multiply Is Not a Math Trick

Japanese Multiplication? Chinese Multiplication? Line Multiplication? Whatever it's called, it's only a trick if you simply memorize without meaning Have you ever wondered why Japanese multiplication works? I've heard some call it Chinese multiplication, multiplication from India, Vedic multiplication, stick multiplication, line multiplication and many more. While many might argue as to the...


Here’s a video that gives a detailed explanation of Japanese multiplication.

Some other links I promised to share are included below:

Looking forward to working with you all again soon!

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