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Friday January 27th, 2017

Central Public School

Great learning with you all again today. Please find some resources below:

Learn More About the Progression of Fractions:

Other Resources Related to this Session:

Paying Attention to Fractions

Paying Attention to Fractions


Gimme A Break [3 Act Math Task]

How many pieces of the whole are there?

Gimme A Break - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing Fractions 3 Act Math Task
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Looking forward to working with you again in the next couple weeks!

Friday April 21st, 2017 – Intermediate PLC

Central Public School

The big topics coming up for the Central Public School Intermediate group involved measurement including area, surface area and volume.

Here are some tasks that we explored:

R2D2 Post-Its by @MrOrr_geek [3 Act Math Task]

How many post-it notes will it take to fill the board?

R2D2 Post-Its 3 Act Math Task by Jon Orr - Area and Proportional Reasoning
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Mowing the Lawn [3 Act Math Task]

How long will it take to mow the lawn?

Mowing the Lawn Real World Math - Lawnmower Zoomout
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File Cabinet by Andrew Stadel

File Cabinet - Andrew Stadel 3 Act Math

Access Task

We then discussed how one might go about doing something “sticky-like” for surface area in their classroom. We came up with the idea of having students cover something (cereal box, their desk, etc.) with square pieces of paper, say 4 cm by 4 cm. Then, give them a piece of 8 cm by 8 cm paper and have them discuss with their partners how many they’d need to cover the same object. Is there a relationship?

If I double the dimensions of my square piece of paper, does that double the area?

We could do more explorations with tripling the area, etc.

We didn’t get to Prisms Vs. Pyramids, but thought I’d add this here for Tammy as she was absent and may want to explore a bit more deeply into volume with her grade 8 students:

Prisms and Pyramids [3 Act Math Task]

How many pyramids does it take to fill the prism?

Prisms and Pyramids - 3 Act Math Task - Real World Math
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