Educational Technology Apple iPad & iOS Documents

Useful Apple iOS Documents to help you with using iPad and other iOS devices in your classroom:

1.  The Get Started With iOS Devices Guide – A guide for using iPad, iPod touch, and iTunes for K-12 teaching and learning

This guide will help you do just that… get your feet wet!  This easy read will introduce the new iOS user to such topics as:

  • Overview
  • Finding and Using Education Content for iPad and iPod touch
  • Creating Your Own Content
  • Using the Apps Included with iPad and iPod touch
  • Adding Content to an iOS Device Using iTunes
  • Accessibility and iOS Devices
  • Managing iOS Devices and iTunes for Student Use
  • Enhancing Classroom Learning with iOS Devices and iTunes
  • And much more…

2.  iOS 4 Education Deployment Guide – Great document to help the classroom teacher get their class set of iOS devices up and running effectively

The following topics are discussed in detail:

  • Preparing for Deployment
  • Wi-Fi Network Design
  • Purchasing Apps
  • Configuration and Management
  • Sync Strategies
  • And much more…

3.  Apple Professional Development Catalog – Get the most out of your Apple & iOS Devices by learning from certified Apple Instructors

The following professional development sessions are outlined:

  • Challenge Based Learning (iOS)
  • Special Education (iOS)
  • Language Development (iOS)
  • English/Language Arts (iOS)
  • History/Social Science (iOS)
  • Mathematics (iOS)
  • Science (iOS)
  • And much more…