One-to-One iPad Classroom TLLP Budget Summary

Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP) Budget Summary

The following post will give you an idea of the costs associated with rolling out an Apple iPad 2 tablet classroom in your school or board. Since the cost of educational technology products are constantly changing, be sure to do your research before submitting a budget with any proposal. Over-budgeting is always better than under-budgeting, so plan ahead!

Apple Unit Costs

Unit Expenses Estimated Cost
iPod Touch 8gb $293
iPad 2 16gb $586
iPod / iPad Cases $45
iPod Touch / iPad Learning Lab $2,598
Apps Licensing for Devices $500

iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi Quote

Item Quantity Unit Cost Total w/ Tax
iPad 2 Learning Lab & 10 iPads 1 $7,489 $8,462.57
iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16GB Black 10 Pack 2 $4,980 $11,254.80
MacBook 1 $949 $1,072.37
Apps $184.69
Cases 30 $5.61 $190.18
Screen Protectors 30 $1.92 $65.09
Stylus Pen (iThrough, etc.) 30 $1.88 $63.73



Kyle Pearce

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Secondary Math Teacher and Intermediate Math Coach with the Greater Essex County District School Board leading a Ministry funded 1:1 iPad project called Tap Into Teen Minds. I currently teach at Tecumseh Vista Academy K-12 in the morning and focus on duties for the Middle Years Collaborative Inquiry (MYCI) Project in the afternoon.

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