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Tecumseh Vista Academy Vortex Boys Hockey Calendar

Use the Google Calendar Below to access the Tecumseh Vista Academy Boys Hockey Team WECSSAA Schedule for 2013-14.

8 comments on “Tecumseh Vista Academy Vortex Boys Hockey Schedule

  1. Good day Mr Pearce,
    could you tell me the dates for the high school ice hockey tourney that the boys are entered into?
    Regards, Belinda Timmins

    • Kyle Pearce Kyle Pearce says:

      The Belle River Jr. Tournament will take place on Tuesday April 2nd and 3rd. If there are a significant increase in the number of teams from previous years, it may stretch out over a third day.

      We will be practicing next Tuesday March 26th and Thursday March 28th at Tecumseh Arena, 3pm until 4pm to help us prepare. We had a practice earlier tonight and it was definitely beneficial.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. Belinda Timmins says:

    Mr Pearce,

    Do you have a schedule for the hockey tourney yet?
    Belinda Timmins

  3. Belinda Timmins says:

    Good morning Mr Pearce,

    Want to thank you again for coaching the boys hockey team. Nathan has a game with his Tecumseh AA team on Wednesday and therefore will not be able to attend the last tryout.
    Belinda Timmins

  4. Belinda Timmins says:

    Good evening Mr. Pearce,
    Nathan has informed me that he has already told you that we are going to South Africa as a family, leaving Monday November 25th and returning December 14 2013. He is going to unfortunately miss some of his hockey games. Nathan gave me the Commitment letter for hockey to sign. He will give this back to you this week. Could I ask if I could pay Nathan’s hockey fees on the 1st of January? I will give you a cheque for the full amount.
    Belinda Timmins

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