Visualizing the Volume of a Rectangular Prism Formula

Visually Understanding Area of a Rectangle and Volume of a Rectangular Prism

Visualizing the Volume of a Rectangular Prism Formula

Yesterday, I showed the “Where Does the Volume of a Cylinder Formula Come From?” video in class and students seemed to be able to tie some of the visuals to the work they completed in class. It inspired me to try another one, this time with the volume of a rectangular prism.

Here’s the result of my latest experiments with animations in Keynote. Feel free to check it out for use in your classroom:

Stage By Stage PDF File

Here is a stage-by-stage PDF file for you to grab, if you’d like:

Please let me know if you/your students found this resource helpful to better understand where the Volume of a Rectangular Prism comes from!

If you’re interested in creating animations for your own math class, download Keynote here:

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