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    I am interested to know how you were able to add text, timer and images to your videos please. What software did you use?

    We presented your Candle Burning 3-Act Math Task and some of the students used GeoGebra to determine total time. Very exciting watching the students learn.

    Thank you Kyle.

    Kyle Pearce
    Kyle Pearce

    Hi jdoma,

    Thanks for stopping by and very excited to learn about your experience with the Candle Burning task. Always great to hear!

    In regards to adding text, timer and images to the video, I’m using Final Cut Pro X. It is available for MacOS and I really love the program. I believe Dan Meyer, Dane Ehlert and I’m sure many others use Adobe After Effects to do the same type of work (and even more, from the sounds of it).

    Definitely check out one or both options if you’re thinking about heading down that road. Let me know how it goes – I’d be glad to help where possible. Also, be sure to share out what comes of it as I’m sure we could all benefit from the invested time!

    Take care,




    Thanks Kyle, I appreciate your response.

    Our students created their own 3-Act Math Tasks as part of our Linear
    Relations unit. Since this was our (mine) first attempt, we stopped the
    students at video #1 although some are choosing to do more.

    A few projects are quite good albeit the filming was done in class with
    lots of movement in the background giving the videos a “rustic” feel. We
    did take out the background noise and some students added in music related
    to their topic.

    For me, I have learned sooooo much about video editing. First on the Mac
    using Adobe Premiere Pro, adding in timers etc.

    And then with an iPad and found an instructional video that helped me put in timers
    after you download a separate video.

    It has been exciting to learn so much.

    So thank you for the Candle Burning 3-Act Math Task and your site.

    All the best,


    Kyle Pearce
    Kyle Pearce

    Hi jdoma,

    It is great to hear that your students have been creating their own 3 act math tasks! Do you have any online I could check out? How much time did your students need to create their own? I am always stuck in the battle between time for learning and time for creation. I want to do more, but I find time is tight.

    Feel free to use any of the other tasks shared by myself or others on the site. Would love to add yours (or your students) if you’re interested.

    Have a Happy New Year!


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